Training For Perfection


Madison Davis, Staff Writer

Beginning her fourth year as a sports trainer, senior Tionna Days stands on the sideline waiting for her fellow Broncos to come off the field for halftime.

“I wanted to join something when I first got to high school, so I joined training,” Days said. “Afterwards I stayed because I really liked it.”

Days along with the other seven varsity trainers always arrive at every game two hours early and leave 30 minutes after it has ended, making them the first students to arrive at every game as well as the last to leave.

“My favorite sport is football because you get to see a little bit of everything,”

With a varying work schedule depending on the day and sports season, Days, along with the other trainers devote a fraction of their time to Legacy’s Athletic Department when many other students might spend it socializing.

“It takes a lot [of time] out of your day, so if you aren’t dedicated there is no point in you being there,” Days said.

However, the trainers are not just all work. According to first-year trainer and senior Karlee Hall, activities on the sideline can be far more comical.

“Me and Hannah [Ford] unscrew bottle caps, so the water pours out when the players take a drink,” Hall said. “We also make giant tape balls for fun.”

The trainers cannot sit down at games, and some of the players refer to them as “watergirls [and boys].”

“We [trainers] just wish we were more appreciated by everyone,” Hall said.