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Rebekah Rosenstein, 10,  talks about her experience at a Bernie Sanders Rally.

Maddy Brown

Rebekah Rosenstein, 10, talks about her experience at a Bernie Sanders Rally.

Rebekah Rosenstein, Staff Writer

Abortion remains one of those topics people tend to avoid stating a clear opinion on just because of the controversy, and sometimes politicians can be the worst when it comes to this. When choosing who to vote for in an election, I think one of the most important things people can research about the candidate they support will always be if they are pro-choice or pro-life.

Abortion itself has been a fundamental issue for decades; it brings to light the dilemma of who has rights and why. When a politician announces their stance on abortion, it gives people an idea of what direction, if any, they’ll be taking towards advancing women’s rights and health care.

I’m pro-choice, which basically means I believe women should have the complete right to choose when it comes to deciding if they want to have an abortion or not, and when I find out that a candidate also identifies as pro-choice it makes me support them a little more. It personally makes me think they care more about women than their pro-life counterparts, who state that a fetus has the same rights as a human, and view abortion as murder. When a candidate has a pro-choice view, it shows me they believe in my right to control my own body and to make my own private, medical decisions.

Making sure you know what side of the issue whoever you support represents can help strengthen your argument for voting in their favor. It can also be used to further the support they already have by people who share the same views.

When deciding who I support in the 2016 presidential election, I immediately looked at who was pro-choice or pro-life. I think the answer should greatly influence your decision, because it certainly did mine. I had a clearer vision of what each candidate’s message was and what they were bringing to the table. I believe knowing the positions politicians take on issues like these can be crucial to making a well-informed decision.