10 Classic Childhood Toys

Silly Bandz were the accessory of choice for many kids after their creation in 2005.

(Photo by Lauren Coolman via Flickr cc.)

Silly Bandz were the accessory of choice for many kids after their creation in 2005.

Rebekah Rosenstein, Staff Writer

Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and all other gift-receiving opportunities meant one thing when you were a child – new toys. If you attend high school right now, you probably played with or wished for these toys as a child in the 2000s.

Hot Wheels
Looking back, if you were a die-hard fan of Hot Wheels, you probably remember your house being littered with matchbox cars as well as the track sets that were more than likely stacked across the floors to form your own elaborate racing track.

American Girl Dolls
If you liked playing with dolls, an American Girl Doll was probably at the top of your wish list for every birthday and gift-giving holiday growing up. Owning one was a dream, and the only thing that made them better was all of the little accessories and clothes they came with.

Easy-Bake Oven
This was by far the next best thing to cooking actual food in an actual oven, and maybe even helped you decide if being a chef was a viable career option for you in the future. You could get all the childhood satisfaction of cooking independently without the possibility of injuries.

Barbie Styling Head
You could cut, color, and style her hair any way you could imagine. Her hair was yours to do with as you saw fit, and it saved your actual Barbies from receiving a makeover.

Also known as your first experience with handling the responsibility of a “living” thing, Tamagotchis were like having all the fun of a pet without the messy part. They were awfully realistic, however, and if inevitably forgotten at the bottom of your closet, they eventually succumbed to the natural cycle of life and death.

Silly Bandz
If you remember the strange era of the Silly Bandz, you probably also remember how addicting collecting them came to be. It was not uncommon to see friends and classmates with multitudes of these brightly-colored bracelets lining their arms from wrist to elbow.

The plush animals that dominated many of our childhoods, these stuffed toys came with codes you registered online to bring them to life. They were sold almost everywhere and convincing your parents you just had to have more became an art form.

They were sassy, glitzy, glamorous and had impeccable clothing taste. These fashion-forward dolls were wildly popular in their heydey. In fact, in 2006 they held roughly 40 percent of the fashion-doll market, right under Barbie, who held the remaining 60 percent.

Equal parts entertaining and terrifying, these furry companions could talk, move, and wake you up at night even when you could’ve sworn you turned it off before bed. Having a Furby definitely added a bit of mystery to your childhood.

Doodle Bear
This was the toy for any child who found difficulty in controlling their artistic expression. This machine-washable bear replaced the walls and tablecloths upon which you shamelessly showcased your coloring abilities. You could draw all over it and as soon as you were done with your masterpiece throw it in the washer, and it came out brand new.