Toby Griffin: On The Sidelines


Photo by Gage Mitchell

Senior Toby Griffin stands for the School Song at the ending of the game against Mansfield Timberview, the last game he played before finding out he could no longer participate in football.

Senior Toby Griffin plays through the game against Mansfield Timberview. Little did he know, his football career was about to come to an end. After the game, Griffin’s bruise in his lower left has swollen up and gotten red streaks down the sides of it. He tells his mother about it and she suggests they wait a few days to see if it will heal on its own.

On the following Monday, still in pain, Griffin finally decided to have Legacy’s trainer look at his leg. They then told Griffin to go see an orthopedic and from there he went to the hospital. It turned out, he has a staph infection in his leg. That’s when he receives the heartbreaking news- no more football.

“It’s been rough knowing I can’t help the team out on the field. But since my injury, I’ve had to change my mindset to just help those guys out and coach them up when they come off the field,” Griffin said.

Off the field, Griffin has attended every practice, every workout and every game since his injury and would say he still helps the team in any way he can. Injuries and football go hand-in-hand and they’re part of the game. Coach Melson appreciates Griffins enthusiasm despite missing the season and hopes to get him back on the field.

“Its terrible thing that happened to him, but I love he’s still finding ways to help out the team, I wish we had more players like Toby. He makes us better. Hopefully we can keep winning and we can get him back on the field,” Melson said.

Originally, Griffin’s infection would hold him out for six weeks. However, hope remains.. If the team advances past round three of the playoffs, Griffin will play the remainder of his last season as a Legacy Bronco.

“I would be very excited to come back and play. I didn’t even think I had a chance to come back because my infection was severe. Thankfully, it has healed up better than expected, so I can’t wait to get back on the field with my brothers and help them win,” Griffin said.