Theater Announces Next Show

Michael King, 12, rehearses Get Your Head in the Game with the cast.

McKenna Collier

Michael King, 12, rehearses Get Your Head in the Game with the cast.

Kathryn Pedroza, Staff Writer

A disco ball comes down as two mics appear in front of Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. They exchange an awkward greeting and start singing, “The Start of Something New,” foreshadowing the rest of the show. The songs, the iconic characters and the unrealistic expectation of high school that shaped the minds of this generation comes alive on stage.

On Feb.1-3, the theater department will perform High School Musical at The Center at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $5 for students, and $7 for everyone else. Theater teacher, Ms. Heather Alverson directs the musical.

“I think getting to show off student talent is important, and since it is such a well know show, it brings in way more people,” Ms. Alverson said.

After auditioning on Nov. 2, Senior Michael King and Freshman Jada Gant-Alexander learned they earned the lead roles of Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez.

“There’s always pressure when you have any role,” King said. “It’s way more difficult to deal with the pressure with a main role too.”

Choir teacher Mr. Josh Powell helps with the vocals and theater teacher Mr. Jeremy Ferman directs the tech side of the show.

“I selected the musical because most students grew up watching it, and it was one of the first musicals students saw that made them want to be on stage,” Ms. Alverson said. “[It’s] very nostalgic, and involves the community.”

The set includes risen platforms, lunch tables moving around based on the scene, a disco ball, a movable classroom, stairs connecting the risen platforms and even a basketball goal that comes down for the iconic, “Get Your Head in the Game,” number. Adjustments were made because of the larger stage at The Center, but they should have no effect on the performance.

“Our concept of the show is a rock concert style, the set is designed with many platforms.” Mr. Ferman said. “We’ve designed the set, and we are about to build it. [It] Should be a quick build.”

Rehearsals took place at least twice a week to prepare for the show. The cast learned choreography, run lines and works on vocals. Rehearsals at The Center started on Monday, Jan. 22, after the crew moved everything in.

“I want the audience to really take away community and self love, but to also enjoy the nostalgia of the show,” Ms. Alverson said. “Come see the show!”