15 Terrible Gifts to Give Your Valentine

Jazmine Necessary, lists the worst gifts to give to your significant other.

Used with permission from Wikimedia Commons

Jazmine Necessary, lists the worst gifts to give to your significant other.

Jazmine Necessary, Staff Writer

Valentines day. The day that love overwhelms the air and gag worthy romance take over the lives of everyone. Some people get gifts like cruises and jewelry while others seem to miss the mark. These makes up some of the worst gifts you can give to your significant other. The most important part is the thought put into it though right.  

Kitchen Appliances
A toaster for Christmas is one thing. You like bagels and your significant other knows your toaster broke a few months back and you haven’t had the extra funds to get a new one, so it seems like a thoughtful Christmas present. A toaster though does not fall in the category of a romantic Valentines present.

Dead Flowers
The feeling of obligation made you buy something because something seems better than nothing. Wrong. If you show up on their doorstep with dead flowers your relationship will follow the flowers lead.

An Unwanted Responsibility
Sure, getting a puppy as a gift seems cute and sweet at first, but then you have to pay for food, bowls and vet appointments. You also have to deal with the potty training phase and resentment that follows shortly after.

A Present That Benefits You More Than Them
Getting your significant other an organization unit as a subtle way of telling them to stop being messy will not get you much gratitude. This gift just annoys the receiver and causes more issues than getting them nothing. It makes you look selfish and that you do not really care about the other person. I do not recommend.   

The Same Gift You Got Them The Year Before
The necklace you gave them last year that was absolutely perfect probably will not seem as perfect this year.

A Regifted Item
A regifted present in general seems like a rude thing to do anyways but it definitely ruins a romantic Valentines day.

A Commitment Move
In the movies, when the guy buys the girl a house for them, it seems so romantic and incredible, but not realistic. You should really think about big commitments and talk them over with your significant other and not use them as a big romantic gesture.

A Gym Membership
The equivalent of telling someone they need to lose weight. You can know they like to work out and want to start going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them a gym membership as a valentines day present. It will not go over well.

A Gift Card
The most impersonal gift you could give to someone. It was fine to give a gift card to the girl in your kindergarten class when she invited you to her birthday party at Pump It Up, but not to your significant other on the day of romance.

A Card
A nice place to put that gift card. A card with a heartfelt note on it that comes with your present may feel nice but a card alone says that you forgot a present and ran to Walgreens on your way to their house. The celebrity pun cards are the only thing worse than a generic Hallmark card.

Office Supplies
Just because a notebook has hearts does not make it a romantic gift.  

Car Maintenance Items
Nothing spices up a relationship like a new car axel, am I right?

Decorating Their Car With Window Paint
Driving around with a tagged car just feels embarrassing and annoying. Sure, it may feel nice to see that somebody loves you, but the thought of somebody vandalizing my car in any way makes me cringe.

Gag Gift
You know what will be even funnier than this gift? When your significant other leaves you.

Hygiene Materials
If you ever receive deodorant, perfume, toothpaste or soap as a gift, you should leave that person (and also take a shower). This gift subtly tells a person they smell, but also they love you enough to stay through the stink.