6 Pranks to Pull on April Fools’ Day

Melissa De La Cruz, writes about different pranks you can pull this April Fools' Day.

Melissa De La Cruz, writes about different pranks you can pull this April Fools' Day.

Melissa De La Cruz, Staff Writer

This April Fools’ remind yourself of what you’re made of and how far you’re willing to take a prank. This list consists of only a few examples and ideas on how to to spice up this April Fools’ for beginners, creators and risk takers.   

Twins, triplets or even quads
According to a 2013 study from Babycenter.com, twins account for three-in-one-hundred births and triplets/quads for one-in-eight hundred and thirty-seven births. It’s hard enough for a baby to tell people apart, how hard can it be to trick everyone else? In case anyone out there has a spare human being that shared the womb with you and happens to look like you. Take this grand opportunity on April 1, 2018, and make a tiny switch for the entire day.

Teen and car
What is the meaning of “vehicle” to a teen? Transportation, freedom, liberty or even a breath of fresh air. But even then, a teen remains a minor and the ones in charge happen to be known as “the parents.” So parents, feel free to hand over the keys but don’t forget to add that little “Oh wait! You don’t have a driver’s license yet silly goose.”

Sports tickets
We all have that one family member known as the overdramatic/crazy/extremist sports fan, and what drives a sports fan to the edge of insanity more than watching the games from home? Attending the games personally. It’s all fun and tears of joy until they realize it’s just another game they’ll be watching from home.

Oh how the good times pass by, old, created traditions should never be forgotten. And if you’ve happened to forget all about this prank…just stop. An uprising must inaugurate now. Ding-dong-ditch will only be the beginning of this April Fools’ day.

Prank calling
“Hello this is Margaret from Cici’s Pizza what can I get for you today?” Remember this when you’ve taken the courage to actually follow through with this original joke. A few words of rage might be howled at you but a gentle “April Fools’” will the trick, but probably not.

Toothpaste and Oreo’s
Everyone loves a good cookie with a side of fresh milk. Now, we’re all aware of the cookie eating process, but does everybody know the April Fools’ switcharoo? It basically consists of five simple steps: Step one: split the all of the cookies in half. Step two: take out the cookie cream and substitute it for toothpaste. Step three: squish both cookie pieces together to create a fun combination of grossness. And finally, step four: place the cookies back into the tray for everyone to enjoy.