12 Iconic Childhood Games

Ryland Mallett writes about popular childhood games.

Used with permission from Flickr

Ryland Mallett writes about popular childhood games.

Ryland Mallett, Staff Writer

A list of games long dead thanks to Fortnite. Despite their fall from grace, these games will always have a special place in my heart. So, please stop and reminisce these games of your childhood.

Geometry Dash
I spotted a four-year-old playing this the other day, and he was way better than me. Maybe I should stop trying so hard.

Cookie Clicker
One of my most profound accomplishments in life is buying the final power-up on this game, “The Cookie God.” After more than 696 days of tapping fiercely on the chocolate chip image, I have produced a total of 3,429,707,821,345,453 cookies. I know, it’s probably more sad than impressive, but I dare you to do better.

Astro Party
Seventh grade lunches were dominated by small groups of cheering Astro Party players. Most forgot to eat because the urge to blast little spacemen all over the arena remained number one on everyone’s to do list.

Pokemon Go
Talk about a one hit wonder. Pokemon Go shot to national fame within days of its release, but its 15 minutes of fame ended only a few weeks later. People were rumoured to have fallen off bridges and cliffs while scanning the area for the closest Bulbasaur. Today, Pokemon Go is forgotten except by a few loyal trainers.

Clash Of Clans
CoC persistently tops the board as the most popular mobile game to date. It comes and goes but always stays in the heart of gamers everywhere.

Fun Run
This gory race to the finish line features tiny animals destroying each other over and over again. With its counterpart, Battle Run, mornings in the fifth grade gym festered with shouts of angry racers.

Flappy Bird
To an unknowing onlooker, tapping your way through endless mario pipes isn’t the ideal way to have some fun. It isn’t, but it’s probably the most addicting game I have ever played. Don’t start if you plan to stop before the age of 80.

Club Penguin
Looking back, I realize how much of a rip-off the membership cards were. Yet, every month I went and bought another one, and I don’t regret a penny. My biggest regret in life is never finishing all the Fire, Water and Ice Card-Jitsu quests.

Any Cool Math Game Ever
You have not grown up in the MISD school system if you haven’t logged on to Cool Math instead of doing actual work. Everyone I know can name all of their favorite games on Cool Math without thinking twice. Go find yours.

Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja, Temple Run and Doodle jump: the holy trinity of games from 2010. Something about slicing open fruit after fruit is oddly soothing and satisfying.

Temple Run
I estimate a combined total of 207,384 hours spent playing Temple Run by the world. The race through the jungle starts out slow and gradually gets faster. I’ve always said everyone should play Temple Run rather than doing the Fitnessgram Pacer Test but nobody listens to me.

Subway Surfers
Temple Run, except two years later and without the tilting. Did anyone really understand the whole “world tour” thing they did? And really, did anyone care? No matter the scenery, this was one of the most popular games of middle school.