6 Mother’s Day Gifts


Melissa De La Cruz, Personality Editor

Mom- The woman that will change her attitude in a split second. The woman that waves your questions off to dad when she does not have the time and refuses to answer your yes-or-no questions. The woman that has your full trust as a confidant and your shoulder to cry on when everything goes wrong.The woman that deserves the most because she gives the most. Take a look at six simple ideas to find the right gift for mom.


An attempt to afford high-quality material on a low-quality budget seems near impossible these days. But a handy coupon can fix that issue real quick. Not only will mom appreciate the gesture, but it will save money on a gift.


Although coupons do make a mindful gift, a jewelry spree for the right reasons does not hurt anyone. This specific gift might take extra time, but it all comes together in the end.


A pair of good ole’ traditional flowers might do the trick. You will find them already stocked in almost every grocery store for last minute on-the-go situations. So if you happen to forget about the women who gave birth to you, Walmart’s got you covered.

Photo Album

Fun fact; nobody actually likes their baby pictures. Except for your mom.  A photo album will guarantee tears of joy, memories and love. Also, tears of humiliation.


Two words. Expensive and beautiful. Flashback to when you had to carry your mom’s bag in public because she got tired. To your disadvantage, the purse will never go away. So instead purchase a handbag for her and lift the weight off.


Shoes. The devil’s doing in a woman’s dream. Shoes range from all types; high heels, wedges, boots, sandals, tennis shoes. crazy shoes, simple shoes and all types of shoes that will take hours out of her day just to find the right pair. So make it a little easier on everyone and buy the shoes she’s wanted for months.