Summer Getaways


Used with permission from Wikipedia Commons.

Cameron Dudzinski, Staff Writer

With summer just around the corner thoughts of where to vacation come to mind. Without wanting to spend much money, it’s hard to pick where exactly to go. Here we’ll talk about perfect places to visit outside of Texas without spending much from your wallet.

  1.  Lake Powell, Arizona

Like the Grand Canyon, only a smaller version. The canyon has places to hike, canoe, rock climb and sight see as you take in the beautiful scenery of the Arizona land. There’s also boat tours that show the geology of the land.The canyon’s warm temperatures makes for a great escape from the winter cold as well, making Lake Powell an attraction to visit year round.

  1. Niagara Falls

Many people have yet to visit the mammoth Niagara River rumbling toward a 170-foot waterfall. The speed at which the river falls creates a misty fog and an unmistakable roar heard from miles away. From the top, you can tour and even feel the mist from the waterfall as it splashes against the rocks and water. The Falls known for being an awakening experience to life, touching people who truly witness the beauty of nature.

  1. Portland, OR

In this northwestern city you can taste summer, Portland having a renaissance of food festivals and summer events. The top-ranked farmers’ markets burst with all types of food and drink the U.S. has to offer. Portland’s also famous for hiking, biking and having scenic routes to follow. The cuisine and beautiful scenery make for a pleasant summer getaway.

  1. Seattle

Seattle stays pretty dry and sunny throughout the summer. It’s great for getting outdoors, whether going to the dockside amusement parks or walking along the sandy beach. You can also get a good look at Mount Rainier since it’s only visible in summer due to clouds covering it.

  1. Chicago

Without an ocean, many tourists and current residents find escape from the heat on lakeshores. Chicago’s always hosting events and parties for the public, making it one of the most pedestrian friendly places in the U.S. Attributed with wonderful parks and recreational activities, urban, yet still filled with beautiful new scenery. The Shedd Aquarium draws in the most tourists, which has more than two million guests a year. There is so much to be seen and taken in when visiting the city of Chicago.

  1. Santa Fe

Known for indian arts and craft markets, music festivals, and art galleries, Santa Fe being a city of arts and talent. While one of the most scenic places to visit, Santa Fe’s rated the most peaceful area in the U.S. The beautiful outdoors can be a perfect getaway from urban cities and technology.

  1. Los Angeles

Los Angeles comes to mind the most when thinking of summer vacation. With miles of beaches and Disneyland only being 47 minutes away, Los Angeles offers plenty of summer fun. The sandy beaches and shopping centers draw in the most tourists. The city as a whole offers lots of experiences for a nice vacation.

  1. Kansas City

While it doesn’t have much nature, it’s widely known for the smell of hickory smoke. The town’s highly popular for their barbeques, meaning that summer has many festivals and events for  vacationers. It’s also known vintage-based culture and having top rated antique shops.

  1. Baltimore

The harbor city of Baltimore’s known for being a relaxing place to visit, among one of the most romantic. The ships on the water create a peaceful mood as the lights in the night reflect the grey waves. Baltimore’s summer cuisine filled with tasty crabs and other seafood that visitors can’t get enough of, while also having activities in local bars and parlors.

  1. Charleston

While not being known for much, Charleston ranked top overall in the country for shopping. The city being the perfect getaway for a shopping spree for out of state products. Even among the high temperatures of summer, the air conditioned stores provide a comfort for customers and tourists.