Singers Advance In All-State Competition

On Saturday, Sep. 15, Legacy choir students auditioned at Martin High School for round one of the All-State Competition. Students went to summer camps at colleges such as TCU and UTA to better learn the music. Out of the students who auditioned, 28 advanced to round two and will compete at Summit High School on Oct. 13.

I’m really proud of the students that advanced,” choir director Josh Powell said. “Just putting in the work to prepare for the auditions makes them better singers and musicians, and that’s really what it’s all about.”

The chair placements the competitor received determined if they advanced or not. Those students and placements are listed below.

Ali Murrey 7

Stacie Morton 1

Tyler Dixon 4

Mckenna Collier 4

Kristianna Woller 6

Maya Atkins 7

Jayda Trinidad 13

Autumn Mallard 13

Aryanna Monroe 12

Mikaela Settle 3

Kinsley Stuart-Browne 4

Kennedy Carroll 11

Emily Ledesma 5

McKinley Fennell 14

Sarah Weissend 20

Daniel Drost 18

​Finn Morton 8

Jack Fabiano 15

Frankie Reisinger 19

James Vaughn 20

Garrick Hague 18

Austin Wright 6

Brandon Schuler 12

Caiden Reisinger 18

Preston Munguia 17

Ethan Brinkman 10

Jonathan Ake 14

​Aaron Wu 18