How to Make Use of the Lake In Your Yard


Zach Planche, Staff Writer

The twelve inches of rain in the past month is excessive. With all the water in the streets and yards, things might not look too great, but some activities may brighten up an otherwise cloudy, dark day.

Don’t have a pool in your backyard? No problem. The inches of rain in the past few weeks can serve as a pool. The only problem is the water would feel cold. Make sure to grab your floaties (and maybe a jacket).

The weather conditions can prevent any fisher from casting their lines. Too much rain can cause the fish to feel distressed. Lakes and ponds may become flooded and unable to be fished in. Don’t worry, there is now a lake in your backyard. Who knows what creatures swim in stagnant bodies of water in backyards?

Scuba Diving
Trips to exotic places to scuba dive end up expensive and overrated. Recreate the experience by just renting some gear from a local diving equipment shop. Try your best to scuba through the depths of the puddles.

Drive a Boat
Is your boat being neglected? Just buy an RC one. This way you will be able to drive a boat without all the hassle. Experience boating from the comfort of your own home.

Splash People with Water
Your car. The right lane. The sidewalk. Need I say more?

Build an Arc
Go to your local Home Depot and pick up scrap wood. Out of this build an arc. Then just grab two of every animal in the pet store and put them on the arc. Finally, set sail.