What Teachers Would Rather Be Doing


Conner Riley

Humphrey writes about jobs or careers teachers would have if they weren't educators

Megan Humphrey, Staff Writer

Teachers influence students from a young age and continue to help them grow. Some describe them as selfless, caring or that they truly make the world a better place. However, some teachers believe they could have taken a different route with their lives.

AP US History Teacher and Head Boys Soccer Coach Michael Keel

“[If I were not a teacher] I would own a restaurant,” Keel said. “I love to cook and seeing people eat what I make,” Keel said, “I like to serve other people.”

Growing up, Keel’s grandfather owned a restaurant. He would go to the restaurant often and had the opportunity to see what it was like.

Biology Teacher Ms. Donna Kercher

“I love genetics, genetic engineering and where it is going,” Kercher said. “All that didn’t exist when I was going to school, so this is all new,” Kercher said, “If I could, I would go back and do it again.”

Ms. Kercher found genetics fascinating. Genetic engineering has grown as a scientific field in the last twenty years. Genetic engineering alters genes to achieve the desired results. It makes it possible to cut out faulty genes and insert correct genes in order to cure medical diseases.

Science Teacher Savannah Stanley

“I can’t imagine not being a teacher. I feel it is my job as a human being to give back to my community, to do good things, and make the world a better place,” Stanley said. “if I were not a teacher I would be a nurse.”

When Ms. Stanley first started in college, she worked to be a doctor. She has multiple friends who went into a career as nurses, they changed her medical career preference because they love what they do.

Ms. Stanley decided she wanted to work with young adults and she came to the decision to teach high school. She wanted to give back to people and give her life a sense of purpose.