JROTC Welcomes New Instructor

JROTC performs during homecoming. The new  sergeant major arrived on May 3.

JROTC performs during homecoming. The new sergeant major arrived on May 3.

Cameron Dudzinski, Staff Writer

With the absence of Sergeant Major Smith, there was an empty space left in the bronco battalion. With the initiative to apply for the spot, Sean Lee Johnson accepts the role as the Bronco Battalion’s new Senior Army Instructor (SAI). In a whole new state and environment, Johnson adjusts fast to the new setting and makes his mark on the battalion.

“When I saw that Legacy had an open position I did research on the staff and leadership and immediately knew I wanted to work here,” Johnson said.

Johnson traveled from Austin to Mansfield to fill in the role of SAI, bringing his family along and settling here in the Mansfield area.

“I had to move here, the typical home purchase and working the logistics of the move was difficult,” Johnson said. “The staff here at Legacy and Mansfield have helped to make the process here much easier.”

Johnson is a retired Army Major, having 24 years of service in the military. He also had four combat tours while enlisted: two in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.

“My first impression is that the corps of cadets here are very disciplined, sharp and motivated,” Johnson said. “I’ve had the opportunity to observe many JROTC battalions, but the Bronco Battalion here at Legacy is by far on top compared to others.”

Though Johnson is new at the school, he has created and shared plans and ideas for the school, Including having a marksmanship team for the battalion I to encourage more students to become cadets.

“I have always had a heart to teach and coach. I’ve always had the drive to inspire and push others,” Johnson said. “Currently, I’m working with Sergeant Watkins for the top ten wish list for how we want to influence and improve or refine for next year.”

The Bronco Battalion and staff of Legacy High School have openly welcomed Johnson into the program and school. Using his experience in the military, Johnson strives to teach his new cadets while also learning from them in the new school year.

“I am excited to be here and I look forward to learning all I can in mentoring and training,” Johnson said. ”I would encourage any student with an interest in the program to speak with current cadets and then me or Sergeant Watkins, and we would love to have new cadets in the program.”