7 Realistic Tips for Senior Year

Keonna Burnett, Staff Writer

After a long journey over the past 12 years, seniors enter the final steps of their high school careers. Although they may feel stressed and catch a case of senioritis in the upcoming months, rest assured, they will graduate soon.  Here’s a list of goals and tips to help 2020 Broncos walk the stage with smiles and enjoy the journey there. 

Save Money and Apply Early 
Seniors can pick up a job in a local fast food joint or sell mixtapes out of the trunk of their cars. It’s senior year which means it’s time to save funds. Get an early start- apply for scholarships and financial aid to save as much money as possible. This will help outline an early estimate of the cost of tuition and board. Seniors can carefully curate a list of the five colleges or universities they’re interested in and apply to them early before inboxes fill.

Improve class rank
When focused on the right things, it’s fairly easy to get a higher class rank which will stand out to a wider variety of schools and, in some cases, reward automatic admission. For example, the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Austin awards automatic admission to all students in the top 10% of their graduating class. There’s also a number of universities such as Prairie View A&M and Texas A&M that will automatically accept students in the top 25%.

Achieve the best GPA possible
Small changes to the way seniors learn and study can significantly boost their grade point average. Class participation, organized notes and friendships with the right people will likely help increase GPA. By maintaining a high GPA, students’ rank will increase and appeal to more colleges and universities. 

Seek Mentors and or Internships 
Mentors can benefit students in many aspects, typically, keeping students motivated to learn and improve. A mentor acts as a role model whose experience can help a student in their field of interest.  Internships also provide work-study experience and look significant on resumes. 

Mentor or tutor younger students 
Seniors can help someone else at an equal or lower grade level when skilled in a subject or two. This will strengthen both student’s knowledge of the subject, while also keep others motivated and improve their skills.

Join New Clubs and organizations
Overall, it’s important to take advantage of all the realms of high school while still possible. Try to explore new campus activities and organizations to enjoy the getaway from stressful studies and have a good time. Here’s a list of non-athletic clubs to check out here at Legacy: https://legacy.mansfieldisd.org/extracurricular/clubs 

Volunteer for Community service
Lastly, Student Council and Key Club require members to participate in MISD and local community service. There’s plenty of room for more students to take some time to help out. Volunteer for district events such as Toys For Tots in December, read to children at the local library or volunteer at the local animal shelter. The opportunities are endless, and they all look great on a resume, as well as job and college applications.  

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