Through the Smiles and Tears


Palmer writes about her experience with her new youth church

Madison Palmer, Staff Writer

As I make an attempt to calm myself down, I think of the new doors that this experience could open for me. This marks the beginning of a new road. I’m going to make a bunch of new friends and meet some really good people. Not only am I in hopes of gaining a second family but also in hopes that this new church could become my second home. 

At first, I was in doubt, when it comes to meeting new people or trying out new things I become shy and become more introverted than I already considered myself. Even though my best friend, Kayla, was going with me the thought of having to introduce myself to others and possibly making a fool of myself just sent a shiver down my spine. 

I tend to overthink and on the way to church I was a nervous wreck. I even attempted to get Kayla to turn the car around. Of course, her being her, she refused. Once we got to the parking lot and parked I sat there steadying my breathing and taking my mind off of my nerves. I managed to calm my nerves and got out of the car to make my way in the building. 

Once I walked in I had already felt welcomed. All of the leaders were very energetic and super sweet. They helped me learn my way around the church and introduced me to some new people. Slowly I became more and more comfortable with my surroundings. I was actually introducing myself to new people and to my surprise I had recognized a bunch of people from school. 

Once I got to know some more people it was time for us to go to our small groups to talk about our personal lives and get to know some more things about our leader’s lives and learn more about the lesson we would learn in our main youth service. At this point, I definitely calmed way down and enjoyed myself while I was there. 

In the main youth service, we sang, danced and had a really good time. I was without a doubt planning to come back every week. I had enjoyed myself and the people I was surrounded with. I felt accepted for once and I knew with this I could grow my relationship with God. 

Every time I go back people flock to me and I know that this church is where I belong. I also know that I can go to the leaders and pastors for anything I need. They will always be there for me through the smiles and the tears. It was definitely an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything else.