Golf Tournament Leads To District

Photo by Juan Jose Porta on Unsplash

Photo by Juan Jose Porta on Unsplash

The momentum of the club in junior Leah Woodford’s hand strikes the golf ball perched upon the tee, sailing the ball across the fairway. The temporary pause of time allows her to observe the ball float in the air. Hours of practice throughout the year led to this moment of gratification.

The varsity golf team competed on Feb. 28-29 at the Fossil Creek Golf Club. The tournament provided preparation for the team’s upcoming district tournament. 

“We are really trying to get to regionals. When we go to practice, we put in 110 percent. I can tell during practice that we have gotten a lot better,” Woodford said. “A lot of us uplift each other and we are very optimistic”

The team looks forwards to success in the future fueled by their dedication. Despite their daily practices, competition day nerves still surface on occasion. However, the friendly atmosphere of competitions allows team members to find fun in stressful events.    

“We play with a lot of really nice girls, we all create new friendships,” Woodford said. “We have to work together and uplift each other instead of breaking each other down and not make it a competition between all of us.”

The esteemed reputation of the team follows after years of earning several district championships. Although the cutthroat attitude on the course is present, the sportsmanship mentality remains an integral principle to the team, especially for junior Briana White. 

“We work better as a team and we have gotten better with just hitting and encouraging. At first, [competitons are] a little nerve-racking, but then it calms down,” White said. “We talk to each other beforehand and say good luck and help each other out, then we help each other fix our swings.”

The next girls’ tournament will be hosted at Southern Oaks Golf Course on March 20.