Davisbury: Friendship of a Lifetime

Science teachers Mr. Davis and Mr. Subdbury pose together for a picture in the science lab.

Avery Florence

Science teachers Mr. Davis and Mr. Subdbury pose together for a picture in the science lab.

Madison Palmer, Staff Writer

The moment chemistry teacher John Sudbury and physics teacher John Davis met, they knew a lifelong friendship would form. 

“Time is one thing that makes our friendship so strong,” Sudbury said. “We both moved into our current classrooms in the summer of 2007 when Legacy was just about to open for its first year of school.”

After the pair met, they took one another under their wings and stuck together like glue. They clicked immediately and have not broken apart since. 

“When I met Sudbury, I knew we’d get along,” Davis said. “He was like peanut butter. I was like chocolate: it was only a matter of time until a Reese’s cup happened.”

Their relationship started out with pranks on each other in and out of class, but they soon realized if they teamed up and pranked other teachers it would work better. Because of the pandemic, it became difficult for them to do so. 

“We decided that we are better as a team than destroying each other,” Davis said. “This year has definitely been different and we are far too busy to plan a good prank.”

The two enjoy each other’s company both on campus and outside of school. They created a bond they will continue for the rest of their lives. 

“It’s just nice to see each other when we can as friends and coworkers,” Sudbury said, “but with social distancing, we don’t get to share lunch time together or hang out as much as in a normal school year.”

When it comes to the classroom, they bounce off of one another and share ideas on how to teach better. Since then, they noticed the differences in the way their students learn. While they both teach different subjects, they manage to find ways to incorporate their different teaching styles into their everyday lives. 

“Both of us care about students more than anything else,” Davis said. “It’s reassuring to see the effort and attention he puts into his classes.”

In certain ways, their classrooms differ from the way they teach to attitude towards students but their personalities match up just right. With one more laid back than the other, they find a way to clash and create a good environment for students. 

“I think we’re very different organizationally,” Davis said. “We both have very different teaching styles and somewhat different personalities.”

Through everything the pair surprises everyone in the school. They often find themselves amused at their own jokes or coming up with new ways to prank teachers. 

“We have a lot in common and that caused our friendship to grow stronger,” Sudbury said.