Priscilla Perez: Making The Team


Priscilla Perez, 10, works on an assignment in class. Perez plays on the girls varsity soccer team.

Yazmine Armendariz, Staff Writer

Sophomore Priscilla Perez made a decision to play soccer her freshman year. She tried out for the Legacy Soccer team but is anxious she won’t make the team. 

Who helped you achieve your goal of making varsity?

“My friends and dad because they pushed me and encouraged me through every step of the way,” Perez wanted to make her dad proud and tried out for him. 

What emotions went through your head when you heard your name on the varsity roster?

“I felt like I would be on the spot every game and practice,” Perez said. 

When did you know you made varsity?

“Coach Hallak walked into the film room and started off by naming everyone on JV-B, then JV-A. I was kind of scared that he didn’t say my name for those two teams, but then I heard him say my name for varsity. I found out on the third day of tryouts after everyone was done trying out.”

Where was your first varsity practice at?

“Coach Hallak set up practice on the turf field for varsity and JV-A. We were all just separated because each team had different coaches.” 

Why did you decide to try out?

“I wanted to do some sport in high school, so it was either between volleyball or soccer. I was better at soccer, so I chose to do soccer.”