Student Organizations Use Social Media to Promote Events, more


Photo by Unsplash

Social media has become widely popular throughout the pandemic as a way to reach different groups. Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Blake Hinerman, Features Editor

Small snippets and highlights of others’ lives scroll past in a seemingly endless loop as the world of social media continues to expand and evolve. More recently, social media became a tool for organizations and corporations to reach and engage with their target audience, whether that be a group of students, potential buyers or supporters of a cause.

Around school, organizations like student council, band, choir and journalism use social media to promote their events, raise awareness for certain causes and keep students, staff and parents informed. Sophomore Claire Carney manages all of the social media accounts for StuCo.

“Since March 2020, our social media use has increased substantially. We found that it was a way to connect with the students remotely, and have carried that over into the next few school years thus far,” Carney said. “Our posts vary more now, spreading encouragement and positivity in one and advertising in the next, rather than just advertising our events.”

I want people to know how much work goes into the content we provide. We have a lot of really wonderful writers and photographers who work very hard and deserve a lot of credit.”

— Hayley Parsons, 12

Senior Hayley Parsons serves as the Social Media Manager for Journalism and uses social media to share information about various events around campus as well as promote the online newspaper and share weekly recaps of life at Legacy.   

“Our organization uses social media to showcase our photos, news stories and videos to a larger audience. Most people wouldn’t be able to view our photos on any other platform than the yearbook, so the use of social media platforms allows for more exposure,” Parsons said. “[Social media] allows us to showcase all of our hard work to the people using social media on a daily basis.”

Though student social media managers generally handle posting all content for organizations, Journalism focuses on promoting the work of photographers and writers, while also promoting various events around the school.

Social media in different school organizations brings an easy solution to communicate with students, staff and parents, and showcase student-produced work easily.

Social media is incredibly effective for our organization,” Carney said. “We are able to reach a lot more people through using it rather than just a poster on the wall.”