Playing Together: JV Softball


Avery Florence

Members of the JV softball team talk on the field during the game versus Everman.

Jonah Pedroza, Sports Editor

As the pitcher winds up to deliver the ball to the awaiting batter, sophomore Zoe Mendez locks in, ready if the ball comes her way to second base. Along with playing second, Mendez also spends time in left field during her first season playing for Legacy.

“My teammates were very welcoming toward me when I first joined the softball program, and for that I am extremely grateful,” Mendez said. “[The team] included me in everything and helped me out whenever I was confused or lost.”

Mendez also plays volleyball, so she joined the team’s offseason training late. Despite her late addition, Mendez caught up quickly and helped the team’s early success against Timberview.

“At the beginning of our season, most of us were new to the program, including me, so we didn’t all know each other,” Mendez said. “We didn’t know each other’s skill level, but now that we have all bonded and taken the time to get to know one another, our performance improved.”

This season marks Coach Amie Prater’s 18th year coaching. Prater welcomes anyone willing to come and play, so the JV team consisted of players from all different backgrounds and playing experiences. 

If they can make the grades and they show up and work hard then, we leave that door open,” Coach Prater said. “I love getting to see their spirits, their attitudes and their personalities really start to come out.”

Mendez appreciates her coach’s involvement with the group of girls. Coach Prater coaches the varsity girls but oversees all levels. 

“I have never had a coach like Coach Prater who is so observant of everyone and very approachable,” Mendez said. “She motivates every single one of her girls because she knows they can achieve great things.”