JV Girls Soccer Team Recovers from Pandemic Struggles


Photo by Catherine Walworth

Junior Jocelin Castaneda-Robles kicks the soccer ball. Legacy played against Crowley.

Abigail Morris, Staff Writer

Last year, masks and quarantine prevented the formation of real bonds within the JV Girls soccer team. This year, the team is complete. 

“The JV team this year is a young but talented group,” Coach Tarah Norris said. “They work hard and always try their best.” 

The team practices every day excluding game days. The practices last from 3 p.m. to either 4:00 or 4:30 after school. Freshman Kaitly Keel and her teammates recognize the work it takes to have a successful season. 

“The most important part of the season is preseason/offseason because that is when we go all the way and build up so that we can maintain our strength throughout the season,” Keel said. “I feel very tired and sore, but I know that is a crucial step to help us do better during district.”

Building relationships within the team affects how the girls play. Sophomore Mackinly Gerhard hopes that those relationships show on and off the field. 

“The relationships between the team are so fun, everyone gets along, and our personalities correspond to how we come out on the field,” Gerhard said. “We do team building almost every week and that really pays off when we play great because of our connections.”

The most important part of the season is district. They train and work toward it all season. 

“The girls put in so much work and effort,” Coach Norris said. “You want to be able to come out district champs at the end of the season.”

Many of the players participate in soccer teams outside of school. Soccer benefits them by giving them leadership roles, keeping them healthy and giving them friendships. 

“I hope they learn and grow from this season’s experience,” Coach Norris said. “I want them to know how much they have improved overall this year, and that’s what really matters most.”