MISD Cancels Facebook Page


Madison Mondon, Staff Writer

After reaching out to parents, students, and the community through the use of the MISD Facebook page, the school district decided to shut it down. Instead of providing a way to communicate with the community, the Facebook page became a forum for people to bicker, talk bad about staff members, and post personal information about students.

“Liabilities were starting to outweigh the benefits for us,” MISD spokesman Richie Escovedo said. “Additionally, too much staff resources were being used to properly monitor posts.”

Senior Therese Mendez disagrees with MISD’s reasons for deleting the facebook page.

“With the school district trying to keep up with social media, deleting the page was bad on their part,” Mendez said. “They should have expected something to come up.”

Sophomore Alex Jantz believes the reasons for deleting the Facebook page held validity.

“The Facebook page was meant to inform the community,” Jantz said. “Not for people to subjected to rude comments.”

During bad weather days, the Facebook page was used to give out information about whether or not the district would cancel school.

“During the snow days,” Jantz said. “Everybody figured out that there was no school through Facebook.”

Even with the MISD facebook page being shutdown, clubs and organizations from the schools in the district continue to use Facebook as a way to inform to the community on upcoming events.

“We use the theatre fan page on Facebook to advertise when there is a drama club meeting or when the next play will be showing,” theater teacher Jeremy Ferman said. “We have pictures from plays and other events to show students and other schools what we are doing.”

Although the MISD Facebook page closed down, the school district remains open to feedback from the community and providing important information through other communication channels including Twitter and their online blog.