Beat the Heat


Josh Perry, Entertainment Editor

As if you don’t know, it’s hot outside. There are many other things you can do to keep out of the heat and prevent nasty sweat marks and peeling sunburns. Here are some activities to help make the most out of the heat.

Movies– Price Range $7.00-$9.25 (excluding concessions)

Movie theatres are famous, and for girls infamous, for being cold. Instead of watching movies that you have seen before, drive up to the Cinemark and see one of the new releases including Cowboys and Aliens, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Captain America and The Change-Up. If none of those movies interest you, tough it out for a week or two and see The Help, 30 Minutes or Less or Final Destination 5. If you really wanna avoid the heat; see them all. Not in the same day though, that’s heavy on the eyes.

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark– Admission-$23.99 Lockers-$7.00

Even though it is an outdoor activity, it’s a waterpark. Just stay in the water the majority of the time, make sure you drink a lot of water and put on a lot of sunscreen. If you do all that, the sun won’t be much of a threat to you. Hawaiian Falls is a lot of fun for the family, or a big group of friends. They have several slides that are a lot of fun, a great wave pool and a nice lazy river to relax in or to just have fun. Let your imagination run wild. Make up some games in the wave pool or lazy river and let the good times roll. Remember sunscreen and water though, that is the most important part.

Ice at the Parks– Admission-$6.00 Skate Rental- $3.00

Besides liquid nitrogen, there are few things that are colder than ice. That being said, go ice skating. Get a couple friends, trek to the Parks Mall in Arlington and enjoy the cool atmosphere as the metal blades attached to your feet glide smoothly across the ice. If you don’t know how to ice skate, what better time to learn. Ice at the Parks also offers lessons. The best part is the location. If you were to get bored of ice skating, just take a walk around the mall or go to the AMC upstairs.

These are just three examples of things to do. There are plenty more as well like Cold Stone Creamery, snow cones and much more. Don’t let this heat ruin your fun, get out there and do something.