First Class Seats


Madison Mondon, Feature Editor

After countless hours spent on Craigslist, Dena Schimming, Teen Leadership teacher, finally found what she has searched for all summer – airplane seats.

Over the summer, most teachers prepared for the new school year by rearranging desk, putting up posters or making new rules for the class. Mrs. Schimming, however, spent time making room for first-class airplane seats.

“At first, I was unsure of Craigslist,” Mrs. Schimming said, “but the guy was super nice and thrilled that the seats were going to be used in a classroom setting.”

Before Mrs. Schimming found the airplane seats, she wanted stadium seating.

“I decided that I liked this idea better,” Schimming said. “Plus they were free, so that made them very appealing.”

Previously, Mrs. Schimming had couches as desks. At the end of the year, Mrs. Schimming began looking for classroom furniture that was “unique and comfortable.” The replacement of the couches with airplane chairs caught the students off guard.

“Students have come in during the last week [before school began] and have had positive comments,” Mrs. Schimming said. “The students who have had me before and had the couches had positive comments. Some were excited and some were like ‘Where are the couches?’”

She sold some of the couches and used the money to purchase the pews in her classroom. She then donated the rest to Salvation Army. So far this change has produced positive results in class.

“I love that each seat comes equipped with a desk and seat belt,” Schimming said. “The seats are great conversation starters which add more structure to the classroom but still give me a creative outlet for seating.

Mrs. Schimming wasn’t prepared to expose any activities she has planned for the year but knew how to prepare the students for “the ride.”

“Buckle up and enjoy the ride! We may have turbulence along the way, but I will make sure you reach the end of your journey safely. Please note that your seat may be used as a flotation device,” she told every class.