Texas Requires Police Interaction Video

Texas legislators introduced the Texas Communications Safety Education Act which will require all high school students, starting with this year’s freshman (class of 2022), to watch a video about safe police interactions. Academic Associate Principal Ketura Madison attended brief meetings about the overview of the new video requirement.

“I think Mansfield wants to make sure that it’s done the correct way, and that we are able to have the appropriate dialogue and conversations and give the students opportunities to ask questions,” Ms. Madison said.

Administrators have not worked out when or what class the video will be shown. Ms. Madison believes the new procedures stem from the recent trend of police shootings in America.

“Watching the video on how to interact with the police is a symptom of bigger things,” Ms. Madison said. “But some of the bigger issues are when I do interact with the police and follow all of these things but there’s still not the same response or where people feel there is no accountability when things go wrong.”

The Texas Education Agency will require student transcripts to display evidence of the police interaction training in order to graduate. The video will also be a requirement in all drivers ed programs across the state.

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“I think that people need to learn respect,” Facilities Associate Principal John Contreras said. “If someone gives a command, just obey it. It’s not that difficult to obey a police command. As long as it’s not unreasonable or unlawful you should comply with an officer.”

A police officer’s presence is required to accompany the video. They will answer questions students have about interacting with police officers when pulled over.

“It also gives the officer the opportunity explain to students and anyone else who is listening their standpoint of why we respond this way and why we need you to do this or not do that,” Ms. Madison said, “because we don’t understand what we think we are doing is harmless but not everyone is harmless like most of us.”