MISD Offers Free SAT To Seniors

MISD Offers Free SAT To Seniors

Jordyn Folsom, Features Editor

Seniors can take the SAT for free Oct. 16 on MISD’s Day of Testing when they scan a QR code to register. The codes hang on doors, walls and in classrooms around campus. Students have until Sept. 12 to register. 

“This opportunity opens the door for every student and expands college and scholarship access to all students,” Academic Assistant Principal Ms. Madison said. “We hope by providing this, we will see an increase in college enrollment, scholarships, and financial aid to our students.

HB5 and TEA provided one time funds for seniors that the school had to use this fall. Because the test will be held during the school day, administrators hope the test will be more convenient and comfortable for students. Underclassmen will take the PSAT and seniors who don’t take the SAT will take the ASVAB

“For students who have not taken the test, this is the first opportunity for them to be exposed to the test and if they have to [take the] test again, this gives them the chance to see the format of the test and ideas on how to prepare for it in the future.”