Staying Fit in Summer

Things to do during the break to stay in shape as an athlete.


Kannon Hebert, 11, runs the varsity boys 4 x 200m relay race. (Viktoria Tapia Photo)

Heat Training

Go outside and train in the heat. During off-season training, the heat can improve endurance, and if done properly the cardiovascular system and perspiration can increase. Also, now that your body is used to high temperatures, you’ll be able to perform better in low temperatures.


Keep up with nutrition. During the summer, there are lots of campfire foods and plenty of great foods at barbecues, cookouts and parties. Eating junk foods may become a habit during the summer as you’ll be sitting in the house. Just remember to drink lots of water, eat a good breakfast and balance out your diet.

Rest Up

Although you need to get better every day during the summer, there’s a limit to it. Your body needs rest. Overtraining will cause muscle soreness, an increased level of fatigue and dehydration. Always make sure to give your body a rest and listen to it.

Camps for the Summer

Going to camps is a great way to improve as an athlete. Camps focus on the technical things of your sport. You’ll learn new techniques, drills and forms at camps. Camps are a great way to improve physically but especially mentally.

Summer Ball

Invest yourself into a team, league, or traveling team. This is a great way to stay in shape while having fun on a weekly basis. Practices and games will make you better without you even realizing it. As a bonus, traveling with friends and teammates can be fun and is a great way to spend your time.

Student of the Game 

Become a student of yourself. In the summer, you’ll have all the time to evaluate your film and your competitors. This is a great way to improve your game. It will display your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding what you’re doing right and wrong without bias to yourself will make you more open-minded towards the game.

Speed is the Key

Speed and endurance is the key to every sport. Coaches love and want a fast, always-in-shape kid on the team. Increase your cardiovascular activities, agility drills and intensify your workouts to boost your endurance. Band drills, weighted braces and parachutes are a great way to increase speed.