JROTC Hosts Field Day


Brennan Lotz

Saturday, Oct. 16. Legacy JROTC hosted the annual JROTC field day where Legacy, Lake Ridge, Timberview and Summit JROTC programs competed in a friendly contest consisting of eight separate events.

The only reason this field day was possible is because of our Military Career Councilors encouraging, leading and refereeing cadets through all events.

The first event was the human tunnel. The human tunnel is performed by all cadets in a pushup position, and from left to right the cadets crawl through the human tunnel until the last person has gone.

The second event is was the Ski Relay where two teams of four must move in unison to bring the ski 25 yards and back in the fastest time possible. Legacy JROTC closed the distance and came first in this event.

The third event consists of three sections, curl-ups, push-ups, and chin-ups. The goal is to get as many reps as possible in a one-minute time period. All schools performed exceptionally but fell just short of Lake Ridge JROTC.