Softball Focuses on Success for the New Season


Varsity Softball all join together at home plate to cheer on one of their teammates coming home.

Connor Whitfill, Staff Writer

Senior Carly Cox stands at first base ready for the ball to come her way. Her eyes follow the ball as it hits the bat. The ball bounces off the ground into the glove of her teammate. In a matter of milliseconds, the player throws the ball to Cox at first base. She catches the ball right before the runner can touch the base.

During the softball season, players refine the goals they set in the first semester. They also host sports collaboration events, where softball competes against another sport in a game that fits both sides’ skill sets. This past Halloween, softball played against soccer in kickball and won the game.

“It’s always fun to get involved with other sports,” Cox said. “As much as I love softball, it’s nice to skip practice for that day.”

Cox joined her first softball team at the age of 4 and plans to continue her career in college.  She plays first base for her team. Cox loves to work with her teammates and coach.

“I would say I’m pretty close to my coach,” Cox said. “When you’re a senior, there’s a somewhat special bond that forms between the two of you.”

Junior Lily Downs joined her first softball team in fifth grade and played her first season on the varsity team as an outfielder. Downs hopes to grow closer to her team and form a family bond by next year.

“I’m glad I’m able to get along with everybody,” Downs said. “You know when it comes to getting closer with anyone, you need to ease into it all.” 

Freshman Natalie Moreaux plays shortstop and pitcher and wants to go professional and play at LSU. She loves softball because she could adapt to it, unlike other sports.

“My team and I are getting closer, we pretty much connect every day,” Moreaux said. “That’s what is so unique about [softball], you will never find another sport that involves this much team bonding.”

Each member of the softball team fills a specific role on the team. Varsity Softball will continue to host events with different sports and train for their new tournaments.

“Softball is like the closest sport you can get to live because it’s 90% mental and only 10% physical,” Cox said. “You don’t get a lot of sports like that.”