Gage del Angel: Memories Through Music


Photo by Nicole Novak

Gage del Angel, 9, works in class while listening to music. A study shows music may be integral in lessening the effects of depression.

Eva Gurung, Staff Writer

Our ancestors immersed themselves within the world of music with the simple act of clapping their hands. However, freshman Gage del Angel immerses himself every morning simply by opening the app Spotify

“I always wake myself up with music. Some mornings I listen to calming music, others I listen to some upbeat songs to make me feel some sort of energy,” Del Angel said. 

Del Angel believes that music has heavily influenced his family and childhood. Growing up, he was able to create many family-oriented memories because of music.  

“I think music has always been part of my life. My mom used to sing a lot to me when I was younger, and she even bought a microphone for it – sometimes she still does it to embarrass me, but I’m used to it,” Del Angel said.

In a scientific study, music therapy effectiveness was tested in comparison to standard care for depression. The collected data shows that music therapy decreases symptoms of depression. The National Alliance on Mental Illness emphasizes that music can exponentially benefit one’s mental health. It allows for better self-expression and can even serve as a way for one to process their emotions. Del Angel believes music helps in relieving some of his stress as a first-year high school student. 

Eva Gurung

“Music feels like a sort of therapy to me,” Del Angel said. “When I listen to music, I feel like I’m in a dream. I almost feel powerful, as if I can truly accomplish anything I set my mind to.” 

Music plays a role in expressing a wide range of feelings, reports, and ideologies. Some artists revolve their content around the raw emotions of love, whereas others may base their songs around the unforeseen misfortunes of human life. By continuously searching for the deeper meaning in the music, Del Angel strives to build awareness of the world and the simultaneous situations surrounding him. 

“I try to listen to songs that advocate for real-world problems,” Del Angel said. “I want to be educated on events that may not be talked about enough. We can all play our part in learning and helping the world around us, one song at a time.”

Since middle school, sophomore Eliana Nguyen admired music. With a love for choir and orchestra, Nguyen believes music has helped her become more communicative with fellow peers.

“I think it’s fun to be involved in something you actually enjoy, and I like to see the number of improvements I make through music,” Nguyen said. “I definitely think that I used to be more on the quiet side– however, activities such as choir and orchestra allowed me to come out of that shell.”