JV Baseball Starts ’22 Season


Photo by Hayley Parsons

The JV baseball team began the season with a 13-6 win against Lake Ridge.

Jonah Pedroza, Sports Editor

Despite ending last season with a winning record, the JV baseball team wasn’t satisfied. They worked all offseason and it paid off when they won their first game 13-6 against Lake Ridge. Junior Bryant Tidwell plays first base for the team and has developed great bonds with his teammates.

I love my teammates,” Tidwell said. “They’re way better than my previous teammates on my other teams. They’re more supportive.”

Along with hitting the batting cages and working on fielding, the JV team played five scrimmages before the season started to prepare for the upcoming games. Through their first few games, the team has performed offensively, however, Tidwell feels that they could be improved on the field.

They’re a wild bunch, but they’re freshmen. I expect that and I love them to death. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds.”

— Coach Cade Oliver

“Hitting wise, we came alive with our bats. Feilding wise, we’re not quite there yet but we’re really close,” Tidwell said. “We have so much fun because we are so much more dominant than any other of the JV teams in our district. We just like to go out there and have fun.”

Coach Cade Oliver coaches the freshman baseball team and likes what he has seen from the boys so far. Like the JV squad, his team also got out to a hot start, winning their first game 11-1.

Oliver split his year between the field and the diamond. After football season ended, he began putting his players through basic drills to ensure their readiness for the spring. Both teams will continue to play through April 14.

“[We] just hammered the basics, made sure that we can field anything that comes at us, and hit whatever pitches thrown to us.” Coach Oliver said. “Legacy has always been known as a baseball school and that stands true so far this season.”