Homecoming Crown Bearers All Grown Up

2013 Ring Bearers, Reese Mallett and Lincoln Schroeder pose for their picture

Photo by Courtesy Photo

2013 Ring Bearers, Reese Mallett and Lincoln Schroeder pose for their picture

Eight years ago, two tiny first graders walked across the football field to deliver the homecoming king and queen their crowns. This year, they walk the halls as sophomores.

Reese Mallett and Lincoln Schroeder pose for their photo (Courtesy Photo)

During the Homecoming in 2013, sophomores Reese Mallett and Lincoln Schroeder participated in the homecoming court procession as the crown bearers. They attended the homecoming practice, pep rally and game. Both of their parents have taught at Legacy for over 15 years, longer than they have been alive. 

Mallett carried the homecoming queen’s crown. She is the youngest daughter of Student Media Adviser, Leland Mallett. In her “cute little dress she only bought for the necklace,” she waited patiently for her turn to go out on the field. She held the small, silky pillow with the queen’s crown tied on.

“I walked looking at the crown because it was pretty,” Reese said. “Then, I couldn’t get the thing untied. I freaked out because I couldn’t let it fall, but then people there helped me.”

Every year, the teachers with young children offer their children as crown bearers, but in 2013 multiple teachers had elementary-aged children. Mallett helped the photographer’s homecoming night, so he didn’t participate in many festivities.

“I was so proud to have Reese picked,” Mr. Mallett said. “Her job was to look cute, and she did it. She was a little bit nervous, but it helped that she was with Lincoln.”

Schroeder remembers people in the stands clapping and cheering, especially his mom cheering him on from the sidelines.

“It was a cool feeling being able to go on the field with all of the football players,” Schroeder said. “I enjoyed it, it was an unreal experience.”

Jayme Schroder, a FALS teacher and Lincoln’s mother, remembers squeezing in the small stadium bathroom to dress her son in his small tuxedo.

“I could tell Lincoln was nervous,” Ms. Schroeder said. “When he was nervous, he got very quiet. He didn’t say much because he didn’t know Reese.”

This year, Reese Mallett looks forward to homecoming festivities, especially the pep rally and game. 

“I think the pep rally is going to be fun,” Reese said. “I’m looking forward to seeing everybody come together.”