Brynley Buck: Fresh On the Court


Photo by Kyra Langston

Brynley Buck, 9, catches her breath on the court in the Sept. 13 game against Desoto High School.

Katie Keating, Staff Writer

The coaches pulled Brynley into the small, dark coaches office and told her that they want her to practice with varsity. She played in the varsity volleyball tournament that weekend, and that is when the coaches finalized their decision. When Brynley walked into the locker room on Monday, she opened her locker and it had all the varsity gear in it ready for her to use.

Freshman Brynley Buck started volleyball for fun and it grew into a passion. This year, she made varsity volleyball as a freshman.

“I feel good because I made varsity as a freshman, and that doesn’t happen a lot,” Buck said.

Buck wasn’t the only one excited about making varsity. Her best friend, freshman Sarah Hadash, was so proud of her and happy that all her hard work paid off. 

The best part about Brynley making varsity was that I got to watch my best friend do what she loves,” Hadash said. “All the times we couldn’t hang out cause she had practice or go places because she had a tournament we’re worth it when I got to scream ‘she’s a freshman’ after her acing a serve.”

At Legacy’s Sept. 9 game against Duncanville, Buck led in digs with a personal total of twenty-eight. A dig in volleyball is a defensive move in which a player keeps an attacked ball off the floor and makes it playable.

“I work just as hard as them, so we all just bond and come together at practice,” Buck said. “We are one big team, not like seventeen different people.”

I work just as hard as them, so we all just bond and come together at practice. We are one big team, not like seventeen different people.”

— Brynley Buck, 9

She plays libero for varsity volleyball. The libero plays in the backcourt and mostly plays defense.

“Being libero is really fun because I have control of the backcourt, and I never give up on the ball,” Buck said.

Buck has played libero for two years, but before that, she was still a defensive specialist in the back row.

“My favorite part is the friendships I make, and the opportunities I get being on the team,” Buck said. “Because all the friendships stay with you even though some of them are graduating this year.”

She loves having teammates that will turn into lifelong friendships and that will support her. Buck also likes supporting others and spreading positivity.

“Everyone, just don’t be so hard on yourself, and whatever you do, don’t do it in a way where you feel bad about yourself because you’re learning everyday,” Buck said. “Everything you’ve learned is from your mistakes.”