Student Expresses Creativity Through New Start-Up


Photo by Pina Messina

Junior Jaylen Branch makes custom clothing for resale in her new start-up, JXY Customs. Branch anticipates the company to start selling to customers in early 2023. Photo by Pina Messina on Unsplash

Kiara Williams, Staff Writer

As the clock ticks and light flickers, junior Jaylen Branch works to design and create graphic clothing for her business JXY Customs.

JXY Customs is a start-up business that will produce both custom and premade casual apparel that features cartoons and merchandise for collaborating companies. With production running smoothly, Jaylen sees the business starting in late 2022 or early 2023. 

“As of now I’m still trying to master the washing process so that the print of the clothing doesn’t come off after three or so washes,” Branch said. “I want the products to have years of use so the buyer can enjoy them for as long as they want.” 

Branch’s product tester, junior Rasheen Johnson, tried out her product and gathered the opinions of Legacy students.

“I really love how bright and vibrant the clothing is,” Johnson said. “When going out to see others’ reactions many people complimented it and asked where I got the clothes from, and that made me want to buy more.” 

Selling clothing has never been a lifelong dream of Branch’s, but she began pursuing this business about a year ago after discussing the idea with her friends and family. The average price of custom clothing is $20-$40 per item plus shipping and handling fees. Branch wants to sell at this average price. 

You see so many people doing what they love it makes you want to do the same. If they all could do it, why couldn’t I?”

— Jaylen Branch, 11

“After designing a pair of shorts and a hoodie, I knew I had hit gold. So many people told me how much they loved it. Overall, within the next three to four years, I’m hoping to have the business fully running, making sales, and promoting consistently with social media.”

JXY Customs will sell their product online and promote its apparel on products on platforms such as TikTok. Branch takes inspiration from the thousands of creators who constantly show off and market their products to good success. 

“You see so many people doing what they love it makes you want to do the same,” Branch said. “If they all could do it, why couldn’t I?”