Book Club Brings Together the Reading Community


Photo by Riley Lassiter

Sophomore Jacob Hillis discusses “The Resting Place” in book clubs weekly meetings after school every Thursday.

Luke Bellinger, Staff Writer

Book Club is smaller than most clubs. Only three or four people congregate at one time, and they describe their meetings as sporadic and often sidetracked. But this small group, bound loosely by the pretense of reading books, has formed a bond.

Senior Sadie Wilson runs the book club because she wanted to share her hobby of reading books with others at the school. She plans on studying literature in college. 

“I love reading so much, just like it’s my hobby; it’s actually what I’m going into for college,” Wilson said. “I wanted to talk to people that liked the books that I read, and I didn’t have a lot of people that did.” 

Book club meets every Thursday from 3-4 p.m. and their meetings encourage students to read books at their own pace without placing a burden or deadline for reading as a hobby.

“We talk about the book as much as we read, because some of us are always on different reading levels and where we’re at in the book. We try to keep it non-spoiler but that’s super hard,” Sadie said. 

The other members of the book club signed up for various reasons, to read books, to make friends. Word-of-mouth recruiting is how book club member Sophomore Jacob Hillis heard about the club.

“Whenever I heard about the book club, I was hoping there would be cute boys there, so I showed up, and then, I actually really enjoyed the books. So then, I just kept coming,” Hillis said. “I actually do really enjoy reading; it’s really fun whenever I have the time, and so that’s why I come to the book club.” 

As a student-led organization, staff sponsor and History Teacher Ms. Danielle Panzarella explained how the book club restarted.

“Sadie came up and said ‘Ms. Panzarella, would you sponsor a book club?’ and I said sure, and that was it. I don’t do anything, they pick all the books, they vote on the books, I just get to read the books,” Panzarella said.

Book Club is not an English class, the book club chooses books that all of its members can relate to, 

“We try to pick books from every genre, kind of include anybody’s opinion or views,” Sadie said.