Top 11 Things To Do on A Ice Day

[ |used with permission]

[ |used with permission]

Binge Netflix TV Shows
Netflix offers most episodes of many popular TV shows at your disposal without advertisements to interrupt watching an entire season in one sitting with hot chocolate.

Video Games
Whatever game type we choose to distract us from our total absence of an actual social life this is always an excellent way to waste an entire day or three.

Avoid Driving
Roads should be avoided. There’s a reason we’re out of school.

Dumb Movie Marathons
Catch up on all those dumb movies you love. Laugh. Our top pick: Tommy Boy

Take photos
Twitter and Instagram are good places to store pictures and 140-character thoughts on the ice and sleet. Document the winter wonderland.

Read books
Without the burden of analyzing every rhetorical device in literature, reading can be enjoyable and a day without school allows plenty of time to dedicate to reading.

Catch up on schoolwork
The homework you’ve been putting off? Might as well catch up on any schoolwork on this extended time.

Play on the ice/snow
This will probably only happen once. So make the best of it.

Paper snowflakes and scrapbooks. Whatever it takes to pass the time until the snow melts.

Cuddle with your cat
Use your personal furry feline for their warmth. Don’t have a cat? Borrow one.