Day 1


Here are some things you need to know for the first day of school.

1. Every student will report to Legacy for first block. If you have a first session at Ben Barber, you’ll need to report to Legacy. (After advisory, you’ll wait in the cafeteria for second block.)

2. You’ll need to know which bus to catch. (Note: If you have a first block Ben Barber class, after Monday, you’ll need to catch the BB bus and not the Legacy bus.)

3. Parking: If you plan to drive to school, you’ll need to park in the white lines. We’re pretty sure you won’t get booted on day one, but you don’t want to make anyone mad. (Side note: We have new security company. Smith is no longer.)

4. When you get to school you’ll report to your advisory class. DO NOT go to your first block. Click here for the advisory class list. (Look for the first few letters of your last name and grade.)

5. If you need help figuring out your schedule, see our video. Click here for the bell 10-11 schedules.

6. Missing a class? If you are missing a class on your schedule, you need to report to the counseling office. A schedule change request form is not needed.

7. Schedule problems? The counselors will be enrolling new students for the first week or so. You’ll need to fill out a schedule change request, located in the counseling office, and your counselor will locate you at a later time. You shouldn’t ask to get out of class to get this form.

8. Lunch: Usually you’ll go to A lunch before third block, but for the first two days, you’ll go to third block first to find out which lunch you have.

9. Buy your yearbook. It’s on sale until next week. You’ll save money.

10. Speaking of money: Make sure you have money in your lunch account. Here’s the menu.