Baseball Hosts Tryouts in Preparation For Upcoming Season


Photo by Landri Hargrove

The baseball team is hosting tryouts Jan. 21, 22 and 24 for the 2022 season.

Shaun Ukeje, Staff Writer

In readiness for the baseball season, tryouts slowly come closer and closer. The baseball team lifts three times a week urging to get stronger day by day. Tryouts are Jan. 21, 22 and 24.

Baseball Coach Christopher McMullen expresses the idea of what attributes he’s looking for in his future baseball team. Players who obtain these certain skills are more than likely to make the team.

Players that make the team have good fundamentals and possess a skill that sticks out above the rest whether that is being able to throw the ball really well or hitting the ball really well, ” McMullen said.

The older guys are looked upon and lead the tryout. The upperclassmen have a heavy influence on the younger players. Joshua Kohannim,10, who played on the freshman team last year, exercises the idea of how the older guys have an effect on him.

“The older guys have greatly influenced me to push myself harder,” Kohannim said. ”They [the older baseball players] help me better myself on and off the field.”

Last year dealing with COVID-19, all the safety precautions and regulations made the sports environment not as loud and enjoyable as they’re sought out to be. Crowds weren’t as big, ticket sales weren’t as expected and team morale swooped low. Players this season are looking to have more fun than last year’s COVID-filled season.

“I’m ready for a great season filled with success and fun,” Kohannim said. “I think the season will be great this year. I can trust my team, and I’m hoping for a great season.”