Unique Mediums To Use On An Art Project

Unique mediums allow artists to create visual interest and dimension within their art pieces.

Mariah Hanlon, Staff Writer

From sticks and leaves to hundred-dollar paints, there are endless art mediums or things to make art with. Artists normally are drawn to conventional mediums like watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, but using unique mediums help art stand out.


Artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson create art entirely out of nature. Some examples of different ways to use nature to create include making silhouettes by laying on the pavement during a rainstorm or using fall leaves to make an intriguing pattern. Pros of this medium are its low cost and simplicity. Cons include the inability to preserve creations.


Founded by Wolfgang Paalen, smoke is used by carefully controlling a flame to cast smoke in an interesting pattern, all this medium, called fumage, requires is a lighter or candle and a sheet of paper. A notable fumage artist is Steven Spazuk


Painting with coffee and tea is an inexpensive alternative to watercolor. All it requires is a strongly brewed coffee and tea, a brush, and a thick sheet of paper. Start by using tea for the lightest areas, then add in dark values with the coffee.


Negative painting with glitter requires more advanced art skills. This unique medium gained popularity on TikTok by artists like Boris Normand. To create a glitter painting, the artist first applies a thin layer of glue to the bright areas, then they simply throw a handful of glitter at it to reveal the painting.

Sidewalk Chalk

Not only is sidewalk chalk a nostalgic medium guaranteed to take you back to a hot summer day, but it also is a cheap and easy medium to work with. Artists like Julian Beever spend hours creating optical illusions on city sidewalks.