Review: Drake’s Certified Lover Boy

Drakes new album Certified Lover Boy

Drake’s new album “Certified Lover Boy”

“Certified Lover Boy,” Drake’s latest ninth studio album just came out with 21 tracks of brand new music. From “Yebba’s Heartbreak” to “7am on Bridle Path” this album is filled with great tracks and music for anyone.

For the best experience, this album should be listened to with headphones or a loudspeaker. The intricate makings of the beats and instrumentals are just one of the many important details Drake adds to make this album great. For those who like relaxation and a mellow vibe, there are songs like “Champagne Poetry,” and “Girls Want Girls,” and for those who like a more up-tempo, high energy vibe there are songs like, “Way 2 Sexy,” and, “No Friends In The Industry.”

Drake does a great job of featuring many top rappers on Certified Lover Boy to add versatility to his music. Drake features Lil Baby, GIVEON, Travis Scott, 21 Savage and more. My personal favorite features are Rick Ross on, “You Only Live Twice” and 21 Savage on “Knife Talk.” Another popular one is Lil Baby on “Girls Want Girls.” Overall, Drake does an amazing job of adding personalities to his music to increase the audience and the likeability of the songs.

Another high point of Certified Lover Boy is lyricism. Drake features many current events in his lyrics, enticing listeners to pay more attention to his work. In “7am On Bridle Path,” Drake mentions NBA All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo, who just recently won an NBA Championship. Another example is in the high-energy song, “No Friends in the Industry,” where Drake mentions popular track star Sha’Carri Richardson. Drakes mentions of popular current figures appeal to the audience, while simultaneously increasing his support among celebrities.

To continue, the media around Certified Lover Boy is amazing. The album cover is a collection of emojis of pregnant women, alluding to Drake’s charm on ladies. In addition, Drake’s music videos provide quirky and accepting vibes, especially that of “Way 2 Sexy”. This music video features a warning screen that says “Repeat viewing may lead to pregnancy,” and has many other elements such as cartoons, a joke on romantic fiction, and a scene with backup dancers in the middle of a desert.

Overall, this outstanding album comes together to admit to the toxic masculinity and careless treatment of women in Drake’s past, creating an environment where he acknowledges the wrongdoings of his past, while also making a safe space for women who have been victims of this sort of treatment.