MLB Awards

Nick Gross - Sports Editor

Nick Gross – Sports Editor

Nick Gross, Sports Editor

First thing thought about this blog is probably what’s new in baseball? Isn’t baseball season over? Yes, yes it is. However, awards were announced, such as Cy Young winners, Rookie of the Year, Clemente Award, and so on.

The Cy Young Awards are given to the best pitchers in each league. This award is named after Cy Young who, in my opinion, was the best pitcher who ever lived. He died in 1955, which is when this award was established. For the American League Justin Verlander won, and National League winner was Clayton Kershaw. They both dominated their leagues, and both had astonishing records. This is one of the awards given to the right people this year. Verlander had a record of 24-5, and Kershaw had a record of 21-5. Verlander also won the Triple Crown, meaning he won the most games (24), had the lowest ERA (earned run average, at 2.40) and had the most strikeouts in his league with 250 (American).

The thing that made me the most upset throughout the season was hearing professional sports broadcasters saying that C.C. Sabathia, pitcher for the New York Yankees should win. Their main reason was that he had no supporting cast for his outstanding performances. I’m in no way shape or form a Yankee fan, but I will give it to them that they have a great offense. How does Sabathia have no supporting cast? He has one of the best offenses behind him, whereas Verlander did not. So it is just fair that Verlander wins it.

The MVP award is arguably the most coveted award in all of baseball. It means the most valuable player, and every athlete wishes for this award. For the National league, Ryan Braun won this award, and for the American League, Justin Verlander won.

National League winner goes to Ryan Braun, left fielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. If anyone who lives in Milwaukee was asked who the player they know the most is, they would say Ruan Braun. He’s such an amazing personality off the field and is a major fan favorite. A fan can always find in the crowd and see a sign with his name on it. Not only is he a crowd winner, but he is also a great player. It’s always a joy to watch him play; he will always bring a good fan experience. He is a great offensive player as well as a defensive player. During the playoffs he was a big reason why the Brewers got to the Championship series, however, the playoffs do not sway the MVP votes, its strictly due to regular season play.

For the American League, Justin Verlander, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers won. He also won the Cy Young Award, and is justly due this honor. In my opinion he was the sole reason the Tigers made it to the playoffs. The offense for the Tigers is spotty to say the most, and they have to survive on defense. Their infield has holes all throughout them, and their outfield is made up entirely of youngsters. So, they have to rely on the only other thing left, Verlander. Winning 24 games, (the highest in the majors) and managing only to lose 4, make him the best in the majors in my opinion.

The comeback players of the year were Jacoby Ellsbury for the American League, and for the National League, Lance Berkman. Ellsbury had a stellar year, and in the 2010 season he was limited to a total of 18 games. For Lance Berkman, everyone, including me, thought last season was his last. He was with the Yankees, and was one of the worst, barely getting a hit per two games. However, this season he took the St. Louis Cardinals all the way to the World Series and won. I fully agree with both of these selections.

The Clemente Award was given to David Ortiz (Big Papi). This award is given to a player with outstanding on field skills, as well as skills given back to the community. He helped with numerous organizations this year, and he helped the Boston Red Sox come within one win of the playoffs.

The Aaron Award, given to best hitters in each league, was given to Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays, and Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers. They both had over 35 home runs in the 2011 season, though this does not constitute them being the “best” hitter, it means that they are the best power hitters; no doubt this is why they won the award.

The Rookie of the Year awards go to Jeremy Hellickson for the Tampa Bay Rays and Craig Kimbrel for the Atlanta Braves. They both had stellar seasons, and both played as if they were veterans in the league, even though this was their first season.

The Manager of the Year awards went to Joe Maddon for American League, and Kirk Gibson won for the National League. Kirk Gibson deserved to win; he took the Arizona Diamondbacks all the way to the division series in the playoffs. If anyone was asked at the beginning of the season if the D-Backs would be in the playoffs, everyone would have said no! But Gibson miraculously did it. On the other hand, Maddon did not deserve to win at all. The Tampa Bay Rays continuously make it to the playoffs, so Maddon had nothing to do with their winning what so ever. It should have been Jim Leyland of the Detroit Tigers; he helped take the Tigers to the playoffs. It should not have been Ron Washington. Washington had two opportunities in the last two years to win the World Series, and this season All Star Game, and he blew all three chances. Main reason he blew these chances were his faulty substitutions. In the All Star Game he put too many substitutes in, and in the playoffs, he didn’t put enough in. That is why I am putting my unbiased opinion of Leyland winning.

The Delivery Man of the Year went to Tigers closer Jose Valverde. Every chance he got to make a save, he did- 49 times during the entire season. If the MLB ever made an award for most animated athlete, Valverde would win it without a doubt. After every save he dances around on the pitching mound, making him the most fun of all athletes to watch.