We Will Bern You

Rebekah Rosenstein, 10,  talks about her experience at a Bernie Sanders Rally.

Maddy Brown

Rebekah Rosenstein, 10, talks about her experience at a Bernie Sanders Rally.

Rebekah Rosenstein, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Feb. 27 in Grand Prairie, Texas, I did the unthinkable. I, a native born-and-raised Texan attended the political rally of a self-described socialist who claims to be pro-choice, pro-legalization-of-marijuana, pro-universal healthcare and basically every Republican’s worst nightmare: Bernie Sanders.

My objective findings were this: It was incredibly fun. We walked in around 45 minutes before Bernie was supposed to go on, and I was proudly sporting my multi-colored pride-themed “Bernie 2016” t-shirt alongside my Bernie pin with his face in the middle. The crowd was admittedly a little young, as most were probably around their mid-20s and even some in high school, like me. The atmosphere almost reminded me of a concert, with lighted signs flickering their unwavering support and posters with friendly, amusing slogans and quips. The seats were filled from floor to ceiling and it was nearly impossible to find an available one.

After finally finding a spot and sitting down, we received one of the blue “Bernie 2016” signs that were handed out to every member in the audience. I could visibly see the anticipation on everyone’s face as we awaited the oncoming presence of Bernie Sanders. While we were waiting, we did what any excited, pumped crowd would do. We passed the time by performing a continuous version of the wave across the crowd, shouted some rhythmic chants, such as “Feel the Bern,” “We the people,” and my personal favorite, “We Will Bern you,” set to the tune of “We Will Rock You.”

The floors shook with the vibrations of feet rumbling, and sounds of excited chattering reverberated off the walls. A few speakers like former commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture Jim Hightower and immigration lawyer Domingo Garcia, came out to introduce Sanders before he walked on, and they mainly went over the reasons they support him as a presidential candidate. After the slew of figures reciting Sanders’ positive attributes and why they will vote in his favor, the man, the myth and the legend himself walked onto the stage.

The crowd erupted in a series of yells, screams and chants. You would’ve thought One Direction was coming to perform. He hobbled up to the podium in classic Bernie form and tried to quiet down the cheers. His speech consisted of the same points and views he’s been repeating the entire campaign, not to mention the true New York accent or his excessive hand gestures. He went over his economic plan, women’s reproductive rights, reforming the criminal justice system and plenty other ideals. He was also able to work in throwing some shade at his opponents (which the crowd loved). After he had finished talking he left the same way he appeared, an icon.