Top Halloween Candies, Ranked Best to Worst


Photo by Sebbi Strauch on Unsplash


1. Reese’s

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are a staple candy at any point in the year, but they elevate to a different level around holidays. The ghost and pumpkin variations of Reese’s feel like they contain more peanut butter than any normal peanut butter cup, and when paired with the chocolate hard shell, the classic peanut butter cup becomes the best candy of all time.

2. Snickers

When it comes to candy bars, it doesn’t get any better than Snickers. A gooey center consisting of peanuts, nougat and caramel complements the chocolate coating perfectly. It’s hard to get tired of these classic chocolate bars.

3. Peanut M&M’s

Putting M&M’s in your cookies or popcorn tastes great, but the best variation of M&M’s is the peanut M&M. Sometimes the peanut doesn’t break easily, highlighting the only downfall of Peanut M&Ms. However, the added peanut makes a classic M&M into an all-time classic candy.

4. Kit Kat

For many, chocolate candy doesn’t get better than a Kit Kat. The crunchy chocolate wafer is a step below Snickers when it comes to candy bars, but still a top-tier chocolate bar.

5. Twix

With Twix’s caramel and a cookie inside, I always feel like they are worse than Snickers because of the nearly identical centers, but Snickers has peanuts. Twix provides a perfect substitute for Snickers for those with peanut allergies.

6. Hershey’s Variety Pack (Kraken, Hersey’s, Mr. Goodbar)

Mr. Goodbar is the standout snack of the trio, and its name perfectly describes it. However, the Kraken simply comes as a subpar candy. Hershey’s, a classic, but compared to this list, they appear a very bland candy. This trio also seems to disappear after Halloween and Christmas pass and doesn’t come back around until the next year.


1. Hi-Chew

The Japanese version of Starburst, Hi-Chews, comes in many delicious fruit flavors. Relatively unknown in the United States, fruity candy provides a flavor that tastes much better and closer to the real flavor than Starburst. The addicting chewiness of the candy makes it my favorite sweet candy. 

2. Sour Patch

The Sour Patch brand includes many varieties of elite candy. Sour Patch Watermelons taste the best out of the Sour Patch, but the Kids closely follow. The perfect blending of sour and sweet has solidified them as a classic candy.

3. Skittles

Skittles come with great flavor and a colorful shell, leading to an all-around great experience. Although some prefer the sour variation, you can never go wrong with a bag of original Skittles.

4. Starburst

Over time, Starburst has become a favorite of many. However, they don’t work with braces which is their biggest downfall. Hi-Chews essentially provide a more flavorful, better version of Starburst.

5. Jolly Rancher

Jolly Ranchers have little competition in their field, making them an all-around good candy. Jolly Ranchers will always be associated with school, because almost all teachers give them out as a prize, or at least that’s how it feels. However, this doesn’t take away the outstanding taste of the hard candies. 

6. Laffy Taffy

The Laffy Taffy wrapping always poses a challenge for the consumer when removing, but they make up for it with their jokes. Aside from the wrapping, Laffy Taffy provides a chewy, but tasty experience.