My Place in Journalism


Photo by Tori Burris

Luke Bellinger, Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Luke, and I am a staff writer for The Rider Online. I joined Newspaper halfway through the fourth week of school with literally no experience in journalism, so I’m definitely in over my head. As for why I’m doing any of this, I joined for a few reasons, some of which are more self-serving than others. Some backstory:

For the past two years, I have been bouncing around between two tiny, conservative Christian schools, so I didn’t have an opportunity to do any extracurriculars that weren’t athletic-based. When the pandemic hit, I sat out 15 months’ worth of sophomore and junior years. Although I’ve had a rough couple of years in isolation, I have luckily been able to refine my academic skills.

I moved to Legacy from a very small high school called Fellowship Academy. My experience with the education system as a whole has been rather diverse, as I’ve been to every type of school. I’ve experienced everything from giant charter schools to teeny, tiny private schools. This past year, however, has been different.

I’ve tried to cope with the constant changes by balling up and hiding from public sight. However, now that I have to worry about college applications, I’ve begun taking interest in certain marketable clubs such as debate, and yes, journalism. I have more idealistic motivations for writing since I’m planning on getting a job in politics — so skills from this occupation will definitely be useful to me in the future.

Here’s the sob story: I didn’t grow up in the best of homes, (although no one really does), so through experience, I have learned that voiceless people have infinite stories to tell. Journalism is an important tool because by telling these stories, we collectively make a positive impact on the world, by letting the voiceless be heard, and making sure the people hear them. So, that is my mission here; to tell stories, share opinions, and make everyone better educated through my content. Everybody has the right and responsibility to know about the world around them, and I want to play my role in helping people hear stories they’ve never heard, from people too quiet to tell them. My name is Luke, and I am a Staff Writer for The Rider Online.