Bowling Team Advances to Regional Match


Photo by Reese Mallett

The bowling team talks in between turns at the match on Dec. 3, 2022.

Jonah Pedroza, Sports Editor

After a 7-4 season record and a win at the district match, the bowling team will compete at regionals on March 5. Senior, and team captain, Alex Obhamal  joined the team last year. The team missed the state match by one spot last season.

“[As captain], I help [the team] out just like lead them, guide them to do better. ” Obhamaly said. “[We want to] do the best we can and go to state this year”

Two weeks before the regional match, bowling coach Mike Young passed away. Senior Morgan Kolanek began bowling four years ago, and Young was her first and only bowling coach.

It’s been very hard for all of the older players and the younger players,” Kolanek said. “It’s been really hard on me, but I know that he wants us to continue bowling in honor of him, so I’m kind of excited to see how far we make it.”

Rather than being a UIL-sanctioned sport, bowling functions as a club and Coach Young was not a Mansfield ISD employee. The bowling team held a senior night at which they made baskets and posters to honor seniors.

“I’ve been looking forward to [senior night] for four years,” Kolanek said. “They recognized all of the seniors it was very proud moment for them”

Obhamaly also played varsity football this year, and enjoys bowling as it provides a change of pace from a more physical to mental game. 

[Matches] are competitive, but everybody’s having a good time,” Obhamaly said. “We want everybody, even the other teams to succeed, so we’re always dapping each other up.”

The team will compete in Dallas for the regional match. If they qualify, the state match will be held in San Antonio.

“It’s my senior year so every moment is a good memory,” Obhamlay said. “[Coach Young’s death] just makes us work harder and makes us want to do it for him, participate and win.”