Top 5 Group Activities


Tori Greene

Journalism students play a group game at lock-in.

There comes a point in life where we all join a certain club, organization or team. All groups have one thing in common: teamwork. What better way to get to know the people around you than to go through a course of fun-filled group activities for all? Here’s a list of competitive entertainment to keep you going.

Human Table

Only a demented believer would accept such a risky challenge. However, only a lover of laughs could take this on. Human table consists of concentration, faith and courage. Believing that an ongoing cycle of horizontally bent bodies will reduce risk of failure takes a lot of courage to do.

Three-legged Race

You have seen it at camps, school events, picnics and probably your own dreams. The traditional, yet adrenalizing, competitive game remains as one of the most fun group activities.

Four Corners

How well do we actually know our friends? A few questions in and we can either learn to love them more or become overcomed by pure hatred. Four corners easily becomes a game of depictions with only four choices to choose from you might just find yourself changing your likes and dislikes.


Palms overcome with sweat, eyes meeting the 25 foot manila rope extending from one side to the other. As you wipe your hands on the bottom of your shoes and put your game face on remember to never let go. Nothing beats healthy competition like a good game of Tug-A-War.

Trust Fall

Something about a good ol’ trust fall can surprisingly enhance human stress levels for all ages. It’s traditional, original, and most importantly a classic. Think about it this way, when you tell someone a secret you expect them to keep it, and when you tell trust someone to catch you they’re expected to keep you from falling on the ground. That’s when you really know if you can trust that person.