Stay Tuned: We are changing…


Legacy’s online newspaper is changing.

In a push to update how we deliver news and information to the Legacy community, we’ve migrated our Facebook user profile over to a fan page, we are redesigning and launching a iPhone app soon.

Why Move to a Fan Page in Facebook?
First, it’s against the terms of Facebook for an organization to use a personal user profile. (This is why some other Legacy organizations are migrating to a fan page as well.) If you were a “friend” of Legacy Jour, you’ll now see that you “like” our fan page. Facebook updated this automatically when we changed. Information will continue to flow into your news feed as before. A concern we heard from readers was that students didn’t like how we could view your profile. Now that we are a fan page, we cannot view your status, photos and other info. However, a draw back to moving to a fan page is we will rely on you to get new friends.

To clarify again, we moved to Facebook fan page, and we cannot and did not use our Facebook user profile to view your personal information.

A New Look is Coming!
We are also excited about our new, fresh design that should launch sometime before summer break. We apologize for any missing links, maintenance mode screens, or lack of coverage during this time. The past three years have been successful for us, but it’s time for a new look.

Read on your Phone.
This summer we plan to finalize and distribute an iPhone app. We’re continually looking for ways to get info to you.

We Need You!
Next year’s plans are in the works too. If you are interested in working with us on the newspaper, yearbook, photo or broadcast staff, please come visit with Mr. Mallett. We’re looking for writers, designers, people who know Adobe Flash, anyone with knowledge of video or video editing, photographers. Basically we have a job for you whatever your interest.

Thanks Legacy.
Keep reading Legacy’s award winning newspaper. We want you to feel a part of the team. Let us know ideas, comments, concerns or whatever else. Thank you for reading, commenting, and allowing us to interview and photograph you.