Broadcast Journalism: A New Form of Reporting


Allex Ohler

As the tardy bell rings, it’s time to sit in class, but the Broadcast Journalism students are walking out the door holding a microphone and a camera. While some of the students work on editing podcasts, others talk about the next day’s news.

Broadcast Journalism is a new elective being offered at Legacy. Mr. James Cockrell teaches students basics on video news, filming and podcast which feeds video to the for LBTV.

Junior Ceara Fragoso took journalism last year but decided to take Broadcast Journalism this year.

“I like writing in journalism, but I wanted experience the other side for a change.” Fragoso said.

Broadcast Journalism does behind the scenes work such as lighting, filming and sound in their studio, which was acquired through a $1000 grant.

Mr. Cockrell, who has worked as a reporter, executive producer and camera man, believes broadcast is a journey, and his class must gain experience.

“We are all new at this and it will take time,” Cockrell said. “But I have some great students this year.”

Broadcast students will show a new side of by converting the print and online stories into podcasts. Journalism and Broadcast do the same procedure to gather news, but differ in the way they report it. The class meets every day and is continually updating the site.

“This new media adventure has been exciting. I think my students and Legacy’s student body enjoy seeing what their friends are doing” Journalism adviser Leland Mallett said.