Summer Ends: Schedules Distributed This Week

Madison Mondon

Classes start back from summer break on August 23. Students can pick up schedules this week. [see schedule here]

“To pick up your schedule you will need to bring a current, within the last 30 days, water bill, electric bill, or a rent lease,” counselor Dana Railsback said .

Students will also need to bring money to pay off any fines from last year and to get a parking permit if they will be driving to school this year.

“If there is something wrong with you schedule, add/drop forms will be available in the office for students to pick up on Wednesday, August 25. All of the Ben Barber classes are full and schedules will be change only for legitimate issues.” Ms. Railsback said.

According to counselors, not liking a class is not a legitimate issue. A legitimate issue would be if a student already took the class or they put you in the wrong class.

If any student missed schedule pick up they will get their schedules on the first day of school in their advisory class. Also during schedule pick up there will be spirit wear for sale.

Fish camp for freshmen is scheduled August 13 from 6-8 p.m. Freshmen are encouraged to bring their parents to get information about the next four years of high school. Students will also have the opportunity to meet teachers and learn about Legacy’s clubs.